Week six: Monmouth glass studio

The six-week project in conjunction with Monmouth Glass Studio has come to a conclusion. With the range of the twist pendant lighting, were I saw the idea to create a decorative table lamp, which creates a calm and inviting atmosphere.

The BuLava lamp, of a redesign of the twist pendant lighting range, were the base is made of laminated American hard maple wood and brass. With a finish of a brass switch that has a delicate engraved Monmouth logo.

application 1 black image with tetx 01 BULAVA image 02 image 03 image 04 image 05 image 06 image 07 image 08 image 09

The response I received from Wednesday morning’s presentation was insightful, were the wood choice and methods were complimented and the idea of the glass twist effects are reflected from the light bulb. The scale of the table lamp feels quite proportional wit the base and glass piece of the table lamp. Some aspect to consider in the future is looking at the simple principal of symmetrical design considerations.

Presentation to the clients, on Sunday morning went well, good got individual feedback of the lamps. A great response of the detailed part of my table lamps switch that incorporates the Monmouth logo and the twist part of the light that reflects of the glass on the pale wood. Overall the scale of the lamp worked and the simple design worked with the glass piece and they can imagine it being scaled up for the other glass pieces of their pendant glass lighting range. They have also asked for a price range of the lamps and followed up with some images through email and a consideration to further work with them as part of second semester final project.