Week Five – Monmouth glass studio

The last few days have been spent in the workshop, carefully constructing the wooden base part of the table lamp. Where I have attached my brass rings in the base also to compliment the brass fitting used. I’m glad I took the approach of constructing a quick fire prototype of my final design to testing out construction methods making this phase of the design aspect faster for construction, with a clear and better understanding of things.

Meeting with the clients last week Friday, was great to discuss the final design and ask them to blow a small blue twist piece.

A small incident took place as part of the glass blowing process, were I had to wait an extra day to receive my glass piece, due to it breaking. I was nervous about and surely exited to receive the piece and see how it looks on the base.

Now that both part of the table lamp are constructed, I need my election to wire my bulb to the switch that connects to the mains. And get an official tag to be checked for safety issues.

During the week I managed to get the workshop guys to use the CNC machining to cut out metal rings and also engrave the Monmouth’s glass studios logo on the brass piece attached to the push button switch.

11281727_900160303360157_1127592412_n 11334706_900160306693490_413650850_n

The projects coming towards a end and I’ve learnt so much from this experience and cant wait to have my product completed and presented next week Wednesday.


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