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The design challenge project for the Auckland Transport was to enhance the user experience for pedestrians, cyclist and public transport users in the Grafton station and Auckland Hospital area.

From my initial visit to the Grafton station I noticed, the lack of seating facilities for train commuters. I saw this as an opportunity to redesign the existing seating arrangement and to develop the underutilised space at the train station platform. My research for seating arrangement in the Grafton station led me to look at seating facilities in the surrounding areas, which included Auckland Hospital, The Domain and Auckland University.

I have designed seating facilities for the Domain as shown in the first exhibit, where I have incorporated parking spaces for cyclist. I hope this would encourage more cyclists to use the seats and use bikes as a form of transport in the area and which also promotes physical activity.

My second exhibit is for the Grafton train station and the bus stop in front of the Auckland hospital. My design helps to increase seating space from what’s currently available. That is doubling the number of seats and also adding greenery on the side panel to enhance the environment.

The third exhibit is for the Park Road shops, where I have used the parklet concept. My design looks at seating arrangements for multitude users. The seating is designed for pedestrians, cyclists and café customers. I have purposely added greenery in the floor space and on the top of the wall to incorporate the green landscape from the surrounding Domain area.

My vision to create the urban furniture design and incorporating greenery was to enhance the urban space by creating ample seating space and encourage interactivity amongst the multitude of users specifically pedestrians, commuters and cyclists. I believe my urban furniture design for the Grafton area is feasible and will be beneficial for the end users. I see a huge potential of replicating my urban furniture design ideas in various locations around New Zealand.

IMG_1870image 01

IMG_1886 IMG_1894

image 02IMG_1896 IMG_1897IMAGE 04 image 05

Feedback response:

The final presentation, which took place on the 22nd April in the morning at the Auckland Hospital in the lab. Where a various lot of different background of critics were their to listen and elaborate their thoughts of the design proposals.

The types of response i received about my designs was the concept of further developing the aspect of design one in the Auckland Domain, of the bike slots which are incorporated as part of the seating. Were looking into extending the slots for a potentiation locking system then just the bike tyres. The potential idea was presented to collaborate with one of my peers that has designed a bike rack for the project.

The second comment was to make this idea feasible by presenting the idea to the business owners along park road, which will help encourage the design and take it further towards the Auckland Council. Which is something to consider to follow up the designs i have presented.

A positive comment of my design was the interlink of greenery idea by inter-grating the Auckland Domain in parts of Grafton area, by bring greenery to the streets which is currently a grey scale atmosphere and creating a sociable environment outdoors.

I’m pleased with the comments and response i received form my design proposals from the panel and i am in courage to further develop these design ideas from the response received, in the near future with Auckland council and Auckland Transport.


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