Auckland Transport : WEEK FOUR

After finding my path of direction of the concept I was willing to further develop in the process after presenting the three conceptual ideas to the panel. Taking the seating approach that I thought was the most needed concept in the Grafton location. Based on the demographical aspect of having a hospital part of the area, were I looked at why having the seating concept would be viable need in Grafton and potential locations of making this idea possible in the area.

During the week I revisited the site and looked at the existing seating arrangements in the area, which was in front if the shops, hospital, university, domain and the train station platform. Which gave me a better understanding, of the users behaviour around public seating in the area and potential locations I would consider the application of placing seating, as I design.

IMG_7937 IMG_7949 IMG_7990

While I was hanging out the domain area around midday being, lunch break for most people, I saw a huge number of people bring their lunch out from work to sit down to have their meals. I also observed that people would first look around for seating especially in shaded areas to have their lunch’s.

The second thing I observed while I was there was an insightful fact. An old couple both sat down on the grass area under the shade to take a rest from there journey from some place, they sat there for a short amount of time but It was a struggle for them to get up from the ground where they were siting down.

This inspired and lead me to do further drawings and research back into why seating would have the most affective potential idea being presented for the project.

IMG_8009 Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.27.22 am Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.27.32 am

On Wednesday morning we had the opportunity to present the idea, potentially going to take ahead, to Charles Montgomery. The critic session was quite insightful and allowed me to gather more thoughts about the idea and how to take the concept on step further and by thinking about how I mend all the ideas in one piece. The talk gave me a boost as to why I should continue with the mind frame of an urban seating approach in the Grafton area.

With the response I received I want to continue the week working with finalising my design of the seating concept for Grafton.


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