Auckland Transport :WEEK THREE

This week has been strongly focused more about what we have abstracted as a group from our research and insights and come up with solutions what will impact the area of out interest.

It was great to have Sudhvir Singh from generation zero, who currently works at the Auckland hospital, were his angle of approach was the health and our city. Which was a great insight and educated the younger generation about New Zealand being the third highest country with obesity level and how the urban design approach can mend and shape our society.

Moving back to the Auckland transport project, we were asked to present three conceptual ideas to the panel this week for feedback to our approach of the brief. Being a regular transport user, one of the terrible experiences I faced during the week of this service was during the rainy days fewer people us public transport systems as I had approach the bus on a Monday morning to university I sat below the ac vent and it was leaking water and managed to get a wet seat, which meant I wet jeans during the morning and then later on the week three of the bus services had not arrived for more then half an hour while these stands are building up with people a bus passes which is full. They’re no form of indication to people about the services during that period. As a customer I was quite disappointed using the public network service.

Urban inspirational ideas that derived from the indoor and outdoor living furniture, as the local shopping centre mall.

IMG_7874_2 IMG_7876_2 IMG_7877 IMG_7879_2 IMG_7881_2

My three conceptual designs focused on looking at the Grafton train station, which lacks seating, greenery, colour and shelter.

Concept one

IMG_7823 2 IMG_7904

  • Lack of sitting space, with comfort and character.
  • Creating inviting seating area
  • Greenery
  • Multifunctional usage of seating area

Concept two

IMG_7905_2 IMG_7742

  • Lack of shelter
  • Auckland’s weather conditions
  • Encourage health benefits

Concept three


  • Lack of art
  • Kiwi artists
  • Murals or paintings

From the feedback and talk from the panel of presentation morning, I had mixed feels bout the way they had approached the design brief. But my design of developing concept one being my strongest aspect to enhance the end users experience at the Grafton area, which I will develop in the upcoming weeks.


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