Auckland Transport :Design challenge project Week Two:

Starting the week of with a guest speaker, from the Auckland transport department, mainly focusing on the cycling aspect from London.

Kathryn King specialises in cycling mainly working overseas, but has moved here recently to help develop and manage the department.

She was able to explain to us what sort of development is about to take place in Auckland’s fundamental structure to allow growth in the cycling community of Auckland.

Listing the user engagements of cycling are:

Business travel plans, and how exactly to encourage people to cycle to work.

Community groups, were free cycling lessons are provided by the AT.

Schools are extremely focused on as these habits disappear after primary school students grow up.

Events being organised by AT to promote cycling.

Kathryn’s bigger picture of these smaller goals is to gain and promote the culture of cycling in Auckland, this information fitted in perfectly after an urban design input from human centred class and were we could incorporate the aspect into the Grafton space. To look at ways to incorporate maybe shared space or a safety structure for cyclist on the area.

The next couple days have been more focused on group work, and as a team gaining insights from our research, observations and role-playing. Which has helped us gain a better understanding of the area and its user needs of Grafton.


Gathering observations and insights as a group using pictures and notes.

Later on the week my aim is to start generating ideas mainly focusing on the aspect I have chose to enhance the users experience, were I need will to narrow down to three conceptual ideas for next weeks judging panel presentation.


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