Auckland Transport :Design challenge project

Week one, blog one:


Returning back from a great summers holiday, its been a week of university as a product design student were a new exciting brief based on Auckland public transport in particular of the Auckland hospital and Grafton area has been given.

Earlier during the week we visited the area as a class and took photos of the location and also had a quest speaker Anthony Cross from Auckland transport to inform us about the way there system works and future development plans in the upcoming years and what sort of issues they face with the current system of there service. So far we have gathered there are quite a lot of opportunities to rasp with in this project. Were there is a potential of improvement of the users experience.

From the trip of the location, as a class we gathered that not many people actually knew that it was a train service underground.

While being at the platform of the train station the way finding was not clearly labelled.

The lack of information provided of the different types of public transport with in the area.

The first three phases of the design process based along mainly with research and analysing the situation is amongst a group of five, were then each individual then communicates a solution to a particular tailored aspect of enhancing the walking, cycling or public transport user experience.

Using the Internet to search on the percentage and different types of users and experience of transport in Auckland, which has engaged a high percentage of users of Auckland transport service and how I can help to better enhance the experience, during the knowledge-gathering phase.

This week has been catered to the initiate phase of the design process with the group and over the next couple of days, the teams goals are to go out there and interview possible users and gather useful insights at the different periods of the day and also try doing role playing to gain empathy and a better understanding of the different users.


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