3D printed parts

Sending the document for the 3D lab print before 12pm on Friday was a struggle in terms of being able to connect the spring as one part of the assembly. But managed to send each of the parts separately and have them collected by Monday lunch time, finding the finish on the clip was a powdery substance, we’re as I feel as if it just needs a seal coat of some form for a total finish.

IMG_6223 IMG_6226 IMG_6228

Some of the thinner details didn’t come out that clean through the printing. But the teeth slot with the edited ribs did help the front area of the fittings.

As my spring was quite small and thin to undertake through the printer, I decided to hand produce my spring by using a metal wire.

Through a presentation of assembling them, as each individual concept.

The teeth area that has the end terminal as an extended part of the stainless steel part as one piece that slots from the front of the teeth and then the terminal as having the wire feed through the strain relief and connected at the tail with a slight step for easy comfort of connection.



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