Scamper is a design process that stands for substitute, combine, adopt, modify.

These key aspects will help redefine the idea in order to justify my design decisions for the alligator clip design.



Make the clip rounder at the end

Plastic mend of a different material

The way the movement of the clip works

Types of surfaces used in areas of the clip

Placement of the spring and board of tale attachment


The metal teeth slot into the plastic slot

Easy to use

Durable for different conditions


The teeth needs clip onto the wire and battery lead

Handle size of the gender end users

Different sized battery leads

Plastic bit needs to be able to adapt to adding brand value


Curve for hand/ finger comfort

Teeth needs to open slightly larger then 18mm

Terminal ends need to be visible

Tension of the spring needs to be practical for users and assembly

Material use for better weather resistance

Tension of the spring needs to provide grip and tacitly

These considerations are to help me elaborate on the design aspect of the clip, from using a design tool scamper. This aspect is helpful in terms being able to elaborate on existing ideas.


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