WEEK FOUR! Idea harvesting chart

harvesting ideas

From last weeks conceptual ideas, of models and sketch’s. I decided to collect all of them and demonstrate it through idea harvesting allowing me to narrow down sections towards the development phase of the alligator clip design. In terms of what was more feasible towards my ground of design perspective.

IMG_6093 IMG_6094

For the alligator clip design, were foam models and sketch’s were produced during generate phase this weeks mostly been focused towards the ideate aspect and generating and communicating more ideas and developing them as I continued forward.

The models I did after some initial sketch’s and tried to replicate the ideas on a foam model, as a form of documentation by photographic of the models and printing them in thumb nail photos so I could sketch over them to elaborate on the conceptual ideas being demonstrated.

I believe this is a great development method of media personally, allowing me to expand on conceptual ideas, with a combination of 2D AND 3D work.


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