Refined models and Ergonomics

IMG_6096 IMG_6100 IMG_6109

After spending some time on the development phase of the design process, I decided to further enhance the designs as a piece. But during the aspect of producing these models they took slightly different direction in terms of the smaller details of the clip.

IMG_6112 IMG_6115

As part of this design of the clip it was time to consider the end users of the clips on the farm, there for I got a small girl hand holding the model more lent towards the design clip idea and also a dude with a larger hand with he model clip, paying attention to the specification of thumb size.

As part of comfort and ergonomics, grip that is not as slippery when handling due to weather conditions.

Easy to function for the end user on the farm.

Fast manufacturing processes of assembly clip.

Facts to consider- smaller clips have handles which are proportional to the fingers and larger clips are proportional to the hand.


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