To get a better understanding of the stakeholders of my crocodile clip project, I completed some personas which would generate more input of the people that will be producing my product, to gather knowledge of the different users of the end product. The three personas are based on the people I believe that would interact with the clip that has been asked to be redesigned from Active Components.

Persona 1


William Li

Factory Worker

26 years old

William is a young immigrant and has all of is family members back in overseas that he try’s to support, with a minimal wage of 8 hours a day of work. He has very limited English language skills and lives in a small town and flats in a studio apartment alone. His job in the factory involves assembling electronic components together everyday, which does get quite a bit, as it involves repetitive work all day. William finds it difficult when the assembly of the components are complicated and takes more time and effort to assemble together. There fore the thought of easier manufacture assembly based on faster and efficient components will advantage the company (factory) and Williams’s job as a worker.

Persona 2


Mark Alexander

45 years old

Male farmer

Mark as a local farmer in a small town has been exposed to the farm equipment and life style all his life as having a family that comes from a background of farmers. He enjoys the farm lifestyle and environment with his son and wife Wendy, and being able to do the farming in his own style and specially likes the quite atmosphere. As a farmer he has less knowledge on the technological aspect of equipment and has stuck to the basic farming techniques. Mark is a regular permanent electric fence user, which helps manage their own life stock at the place where there large lands as a farm to mange animals. Mark is a standard farmer therefor has larger hands when it comes to handling the tools, he prefers having larger scale equipment especially trying to manage equipment through the outdoor weather conditions on the farm. Mark likes when the products purchased last him a longer period but has to be durable and reliable when using its functional purpose.

Persona 3


Joanne Williams

30 years old

Female farmer

Joanne is a newly farmer after being a city life style based person, she moved to the farm after getting married to her partner. There fore she has very limited knowledge on farming lifestyle and equipment. Joanne is quite knowledgeable about the technical aspect and handy. As a lady farmer Joanne finds that her equipment is quite large and hard to handle having very small hands it makes it harder for her too carry equipment across the farm grounds, making equipment heavy requires extra labour as a lady farmer. On her farm to manage their stock she’s familiar with the portable equipment that involves using the mesh wire fences and that also means a lot of moving around the farm is involved frequently.


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