Analysis of existing clips of Active Components

As designers and our client Rob Mackley, the managing director of Active Components we were able to meet and discuss insightful specifications that were going to help guide and lead insightful information based on the clips we are redesigning for.

Rob was helpful enough to bring along a box full of varying crocodile clips that are in their current market. These clips are available in two different materials but also consists of different materials that are vary noticeable of difference.IMG_5979 2

China clip-

Manufactured in china 12c

PVC plastic (no UV protection)

Cheap grade of steel


NZ Clip-

Manufactured in New Zealand

ABS Plastic (UV Protection)

304 stainless steel

Clean finish of clip

However the biggest issue is the Female metal strip located further located in the clip, which makes it difficult for assembly. Therefore this requires a special tool and making it harder for assembly and more labor, which equals to more cost.

ABS which is the current plastic Active components use is tough and durable plastic. But not completely resistance to UV duration. Which becomes brittle over time of the out door weather conditions. The fore loses colour over time.

PVC plastic is the cheaper clip that is produced, which is an excellent heat resistance material. But doesn’t exactly take a far amount of UV resistance. Also based of the harsh weather environments the clips are used there fore making the plastic brittle over time.


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