Week six: Communication & evaluation

Presentation clip


Final design images

04 12

In conclusion of the mass production in duration of a six-week project with Active Components were the purpose was to redesign a cost effective crocodile clip, based on New Zealand agricultural market. This undertake of design was a design challenge was being exposed to a different angle of design approach. Main focus on assemble and stakeholders. But being more empathetic closely towards manufacturing, assembly, distribution and end use process. Where the difficult aspect lies in mass manufacturing of the product in a competitive market of prices. Our client Rob from Active Component a company distributor and manufacturer of electric and electronic components in New Zealand. Of their main clients being Tru-Test and Gallagher.

In conjunction of technology class, we had the opportunity to visit industrial factory’s. To gain empathy and a better understanding about labour and the volume of mass production. It was such an insightful part of the paper, especially looking at what the work force is based on towards production on products especially for an industrial design student. Along with the trips being educated about the types of production and machinery tools, allowed for further better understanding about production and apply it back to the way our products could be mass produced along with a reduced assembly time for labour charges.

The final design strongly focuses on the perspective of assembly to lower the labour cost and the unit cost of each crocodile clip. Producing a design with a mould that for fills the purpose and the function of the features stated in the brief of the clip. Aesthetically the clip remains the same with a sight adjustment of a curve on the grip area for thumb comfort, with a mat finish as the surface.With a choice of ABS and Stainless steel as the material of the clip, due to properties of the materials and durability and accounting cost as part of the process.Long terminal design was to improve easy accessibility. The end of the clip was a stopper for the wire leads. The three pivot pin motion was used for easy clip assembly and a symmetrical mould purpose.Production being injection moulded for affective mass production.

Over all I have gained new knowledge through out the brief. Initially had very limited knowledge about mass production and during the process learned a lot about injection moulding production and CADing up my design. This concept also lead towards materials, costing, manufacturing and tooling. I believe the redesigned solution isn’t to far of from the current Nico Clip, which can be an easy adaption in the near future. But strongly focuses on the durability which will give comfort for the user while along functionally and accruement of job requirements.However I feel quite happy with the resolved solution as my end design considering the limited time given to complete the workload and to do tests on the conceptual models.


Cost Reference

In order to estimate the cost of my final designs of the crocodile clip, I researched by looking at similar existing products in the market and estimating the cost, there for not having an exact price of the clip. Using the links as my reference to guide for costs.

cost od seond clip cost clip

second cost



I did try to contact industrial areas for cost, but was really hard to get a response for a quotation of the clip I had redesigned from them.

Part lines

The part lines are the physical reminisce of the injection moulding process where the 2 halves of the moulds meet. Plastic injection moulding parts will have them, the part lines on some components are more visible than others. Part lines need to be placed appropriately . In terms of consideration into my clip the part lines would run across the middle of the semi-circle component and across the top of the back component.

part line 01 part line 02

Second idea for technology class.

Technology was aimed towards a radical conceptual idea based of the developed phase of the process. Were a different form of the clip had taken place, the way this clip functions. The type of materials and manufacturing aspect is focused towards, was aimed from a different angle.

PVC was a material that i decided to focus towards was a decision taken based on a cost efficient that was a main inside for the technology brief. The method of mass producing the clip would be using moulding such as injection moulding for the plastic but and metal part. Almost based of the co moulding concept of production. This alternative design solution might be not the most ideal piece for fast and cheap mass production for Active Components, we’re trying to comet with there fast functional assembly.

207 209

second IDEA

Maker Bot

The quick fire prototype is a physical plastic print of the fully assembled clip.

This was a fast form of being able to show a demonstration of the alligator clip as one piece, as this allows for a fully hand grip perspective towards a one on one scale.


Personally I feel as if the Maker Bot didn’t give the nicest finish as a lot of material still remained after the finish especially in the interior of the clip showing almost minimal detail of the inside impression, with a rapid prototype using nylon as a material to produce these prints.

IMG_6230 IMG_6231

But over all was a good form representation of outer shell of the clips shape.