Week two back at university: Investigate/ Generate

This weeks been the generate phase of the active component project, were Monday was a morning spent going through different methods of media used to communicate arrange of ideas through medias. That was followed by an insightful power point presentation by Oliver.


To narrow down the ideation phase an opportunity statement had raised to help condense towards the more detail areas of the crocodile clip.

Where I see an opportunity for the crocodile clip, for active components to mass produce the clip, particularly in the phase of the handle area grip and the teeth of the clips that wrap around the battery leads and fence wires, for the agriculture environment and end users.

Manufacturing of the energiser clips


Consideration of manufacturing methods

Electric fence and battery energiser clips

This booklet below of Gallagher’s animal management, demonstrates a diagram and a few examples of the environments of how the electrical fence and energiser clips that it would be used for.


Competitors and company’s

Researching into the companies and competitors which Active Components is contributed with, which came across with the first question of why farmers firstly use electrical fencing.

The companies below provide equipment for energisers, management equipment, permanent and temporary fencing equipment.

Tru-Test group is supplied by-

  • Stafix
  • Pel
  • Speedrite
  • Pel
  • Patriot
  • Hayes

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 4.39.36 pm


Active Components

Retail suppliers

  • RD1
  • Farmsland
  • PGG Wrightson

To further understand the end users clearly I did a back ground research online to see what the NZ farmers are all about and do, I gathered that:

-It’s a dirty and muddy environment- which means clips are preferred to be large and easy to handle

-The farmers also wear gloves often when working out on the farm- therefore the hand sizes are quite large

-Colours of the equipment need to be visible n the farm

-Clips need to maintain there shape when stomped by animals

– Hours that farmers work around are early mornings and late afternoon

-Job contains to move around from job to job, therefore needs to access the clip easily to transfer between fences.

-Rough usage of equipment by the end users


After the trip I also further analysed the conditions I will have to design for, which involved-

Extreme weather conditions


Wet conditions

Hot weather

Sun and rain

Tru-Test Trip and active Components visit

On the Wednesday morning a trip was made to the Tru-test centre, were insights were gathered about the products and but for so focused on the crocodile clip that I am redesigning for this project that are linked to the electrical fencing system and the energizers.

As a small part of the role play exercise the centre had a mini farm set up with their product range. Which I felt was a great way to communicate in terms of the way and how there end usage of the product.

IMG_5901 IMG_5866 IMG_5890

A difficulty faced as part of the current clip is the assembly in the lead is difficult and time consuming to connect to metal male part is located further deep of the clip. That requires a specific tool to fit the lead. Were Time is consumed that add up more towards the money in labour and could be simplified.


Over the week I’ve managed to do some rough sketches just to get those initial ideas down while on the research investigate phase and can see the possibility to expand this concepts further down the track. Something I have faced during the week is trying to generate an idea that is much rather linked out from the more so traditional peg like concept. This has been a challenge as the early part of the idea generating cycle, but I’m willing to expand and go beyond to look for further possibilities.

IMG_5864 IMG_5897

The images collected at the bottom are simple aspect that can be incorporated into my designs. After some simple hunting around the house to inspire me. Even though these products aren’t energiser clip but enhance the similar idea and function as the energiser clip.

concept clips

The following week needs to be more focused towards the idea of generating more ideas and exploring the materials and process investigation.


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