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As part of the technology class this morning, were in small group we did a practical exercise that contained assembling and disassembling the crocodile clip. Which allowed us to see the components in detail and master the process of assembly process in factories.


Video link of assembling and disassembling the clip-

Comments as a group were made of:

  • Spring being to tough
  • Plastic pin cracking
  • Difficult to slide out the teeth
  • Hooking the spring rod
  • Fitting the female part
  • Terminal being further inside
  • Dent at the back as a locking system
  • Couple mints of assembly each way

Cost price of the current clip

Unit price- 55 cent

Part in china

Spring –US 6cent/ NZ 73 cent

Stainless steal – US 6 cent /NZ 73 cent

Plastic part- NZ 10-15 cent each

Axel – NZ 2 cent

Total parts – 3.91 -4.91

Add on labour cost- THE MOST CRITICAL FACTOR


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