Design for Mass production- initiate.

This week we were exposed to a new brief, which was presented differently compared to the other structured assignments. I’ve slightly felt this huge workload based on the manufacturing designed concept of industrial design.

As part of this project for studio, I will be working and designing for a new Zealand company called ‘Active Components’, who are a distributor and manufacturer of a electrical components, the supply domestically and internationally. As the active components also supplies components to Trutest and Gallagher, that are there main clients. As part of mass production of Activive components, manufactured international but assembly happens locally in Manukau and Invercargill, which is the most costly part of manufacturing.

The brief for the next six-week for the project requires to design a electrical component for outdoor farming product that Active Components would be distributing to the clients, such as Trutest and Gallagher.


Assumption mapping exercise as a class.

Notes collected during the exercise based on issues and criteria marked for the project.


The criteria to cover during the project is to mass manufacturing with the most minimal cost. But to produce quality products to there clients.
The task is to design a connecter for outdoor products, an energiser with standard 12 volt car battery source together
Able to connect to two lead poles
A 3mm standard cable with a ring socket soldered
Connection distance has to overcome a distance of 1.8m making the product flexible
Outdoor environment usage
Easy assembly, with a leas amount of time using the appropriate mass production method.



This might me the most challenging projects I would of possibly come across as a industrial design student. But the next phase of the project my aim is to start investigating and looking into the market, looking at the exiting product in its environment and insights from user interviews. To gain better understanding to design the product.


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