Week six, Douglas & Bec

The Douglas and Bec project has come towards a completed product, where I had produced a floor lamp that was presented on Wednesday morning along with a PowerPoint presentation and a completed product to present.

poster board

I believe I have completed and presented my work on time of delivery, although I was a bit late on presentation day since the brief had print a start of 9am, but actually started a bit earlier. As part of my presentation I didn’t have many slides on my PowerPoint to present since I had already my physical product and were I was able to switch the lights of the room and do I live demonstration which was quite cool. I feel as if I had not received a critical feed back after my presentation based on my product, but that’s alright with my it just meant I wont have to do further refinement on my final product for the exhibition and its been a resolved piece.


I’m quite excited to have my product display at the exhibition of Douglas and Bec along with the wider range of the class products apart of the extended collection.

living room

This projects been an interesting assignment and allowed me to expand my skills based on an industrial side of production, and I’m pleased with my final out come product of the floor lamp, and also glad with the decisions I took as part of the journey of the design process.


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