Week five: Douglas and Bec.

Such a great feeling in completion of the final product, for the studio assignment, of the floor lamp. Its been a week of late nights but I’m glad with the end result, although during the week had struggled with some aspects of the design and completing them to a quality finish. For example I had quite a bit of trouble with making the base since the workshop not having facilities to cut the thickness of the wood with two sheets of metal also the part of polishing the brass surface of the base.

Earlier in the week I had tested out different sorts of wood finishing and stuck with Bri- wax as it gave it a natural orientation of the wood and also the grains were so detailed that as part of the aesthetics of the lamp.
I wanted to highlight the natural beauty of the product. In contrast to the light bulb to the lamp has highlighted the elegant design of the lamp.


I’m glad the finish of the wood had come out to my attentions and also the part of the brass tubes being flush to the poles. The choice to curve the edges was a safe call as its given a smooth feel towards the finish. The colour contrast of the wood, brass and red has pulled out the look of the final product.


I believe I’ve used my time management skills wisely and come this far with the assignment. Some thing I had difficulties through the week was the workshop facilities and terms of being closed when I had planed the time to complete such and such in the time frame and also how its been quite hectic according to lack of technicians in the work shop.

During the process of the assembly of my lamp, I though it would be quite interesting if the lamp was a DIY assembly lamp for consumers there for the can get involved and also be able to adjust the cord and light of the lamp. Assembling the lamp was easy, took the weight of the structure so no need of concrete, in the base.



Another aspect I was quite happy about was the neat job the electrician had done with wiring of the lamp, since I had purchased each of the components separately. After working out the cost price of the final product, I believe this project has been quite a costly one for me.

The week ended with a small photo-shoot of the lamp. My aim for the next two days is to complete my portfolio and prepare for the final presentation on Wednesday morning.




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