Week four: Douglas and Bec.

This weeks been an interesting week for studio work, but I must say its also been a packed week at university. The week started of with a conceptual presentation were we all got personal feedback from Bec herself, Shane, my peers and also some additional student in other years. During the presentation I presented once concept put explained different alternations towards the concept of the floor lamp.
From the feedback I received, was to remove the aspect of the dip coloured base and the red cage idea over the light bulb, which I fully agree with as those additional piece where quite over powering and were over riding my simplistic style of product.
I think a pretty awesome element that was brought up to the table at presentations was the concept of a touch light switch, so I spent the second half of the week investigating the idea and thought of were I could incorporate this idea but so far I haven’t had any success so ill try get out of my way this weekend and see if there’s any luck with that perspective.

My initial idea was to hide the end wood joint with a metal plate brass piece, but the whole idea of my floor lamp was to celebrate the exposure of a industrial style so exposing the wood joint would be a perfect concept, where I investigated the mortise & tenon joint, and thought of incorporating the brass plate around for exposure. But the concept was quite difficult to mask therefore I decided to apply the idea in a dowel form In the joint and exposing it, but using a brass pipe.


As I spent time in the workshop over the week, I discovered I don’t want to hide my cords in the lip of the poles, firstly it looks tacky and the first aspect I had of just leaving them exposed along the pole. But the lip will still run on the top area though, so it looks clean and simple before the light bulb drops at the end.
As part of going into the work shop, I decided to do a detailed drawing of each part of the lamp, and also did card board models to demonstrate were I want the brass holes going and how the cord would be wrapped around it also, so far I’ve only drilled the holes and my next steps are to cut the brass tube and in bend them in the stand.


My goal for week five I to complete the structure and get a electrician to get my cable aspect working and while that’s happening I need to get my base ready by wood lamination. Next week I need to utilise all the wok shop hours I have available to me, to complete and deliver this product on time.


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