Week Three Douglas & Bec

Moving into week three of the Douglas and Bec assignment of the floor lamp, so far during the week I’ve explore possible lamp forms, using foam models, small wood pieces and drawings to figure out a settle shape of the floor lamp.


The prototypes have enabled me to explore more variations of the different areas of the floor lamp design. Were in the process it has give me a chance to change pieces quickly and portray my ideas in three dimension form.

I also got a chance to speak to Bec on Wednesday morning, in terms of the direction of the assignment; I received a great response from her about the three elements of the materials I had condensed down to, American white ash, brass and a bright red colour aspect on the cord and base area. And I was advised to revisit the area of the arm of my design and how it was connected for movement in the top part of the lamp.

Since I had felt comfortable with the materials of my choice, as part of the experiment and research phase I looked at wood finishing’s on the light coloured wood, (American white ash). I was drawn more towards the wax finish, as it still contained its natural aspect of the wood and the oil based finish’s more like stained the wood ore darker and highlighted more towards the grains of the wood.


Some thing during the week I had difficulties with was trying to figure out dimensions of the lamp scale. Were I found it best to do paper cut outs of the full life scale of the product to figure out measurements.
And also got the opportunity to talk to the technicians about some of the inquires I had about the structure of the lamp joints.



For the up coming week, I want to have finalized my final design of the floor lamp. During the week there’s a verbal presentation for the conceptual ideas that need to be presented too Bec, so lets see what sort of response I get out of the presentation and then go forward towards production of the lamp, which is limited down to a week. I feel as if the up coming week will be full on as I add production making to the final product of the floor lamp.


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