Week Two Douglas & Bec :

This week has been a process of practical experiments of materials. That involved hunting and getting out there for supplies. Such as dark woods and metal sheets that, I could work with. I was hoping to get these supplies for free, but ended up paying a few bucks towards the materials, which wasn’t that bad, considering its still experimental stage. I was quite bummed out that I didn’t get a chance to speak to Bec about the initial ideas, I had and what sort of direction I am thinking of heading towards, with the brief.

Most of the weeks hours has been spent at the work shop lab, and playing around with different methods of manipulating the materials, and coming up with a way towards the idea of the technique towards the floor lamp idea.
Along this practical creative process, I stepped away from the idea of, just workshop processes but look at the basics and do drawings and translate them into three dimensional pieces of a concept and make small prototypes models using foam, stick and instant clay.




Even though I’ve come towards an experimental week, I’m still not cleared about the types of material I’m going to use or neither have a clarified an idea of the lamp shape. I feel like as if I’m still sitting on the boarder line of the floor lamp idea, and things are still not narrowed down yet. As I see endless opportunities that could be done and made using the materials available to produce this floor lamp, representing Douglas and Bec aspect of design.


My goals for next week are to condense down the material selection and also have a fair idea of the structured shape of the floor lamp. After condensing down on the wood, I would like to look at the different wood finishing’s available and personally experiment them on the wood. Looking forward to another full on week at the workshop and experimenting with a range of materials.


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