Studio Blog for material matters project! Week one:

First week back to a start of semester two, I can truly say the pressure of the work load has kicked it which so much going on for the projects and that defiantly its going to be a full on semester. And getting back into the early morning routine is another thing for me.

For the studio project which is a collaboration with Douglas and Bec that requires to design an innovative lamp or object, in use of a combination of materials.
Over the past week, I was able to visit the Bloc store and other lighting stores and was exposed a wide variety of possibilities to do with lighting, which I was amazed by.

As part of the research phase I did some general online searches of material and got out on the field and tried to gather a variety of materials to use as part of my material investigation and explore there manipulation.

Where then I looked up online at the range of techniques and the tools available to access in the workshops personally as a student in the labs. And after the materials being gathered I though it would have been good to pop in the workshop and start playing around with the woods and metals collected.
I tried wood bending, laminating, lathe and polish metal.

Since I had decided to focus on light as a lamp perspective, I did a small craft experiment with the direction of light I want to ordinated the lamp based on the light colour and atmosphere created by the aesthetics of the materials used to convey the value of the product.

The goal for this semester is to stay on track and follow small goals for the day to complete tasks on time and deliver well towards the end. The main focus for the following week for the studio project is to continue exploring materials and there potential and keep drawing and prototyping initial ideas of floor lamps and also continue to document pieces in the portfolio.