Final Reflective Blog of the Get off the couch project.


Completed with my six-week project with the studio, ‘Get of the couch’ health and well being assignment. I’m quite happy and proud with the way I have approached the project, in terms of the timetable I have worked around, with both practical and theory side work requirements.

I believe I had left enough time through out the project, were I didn’t have to try squeeze, my time on the requirements and was able to plan out for my final presentation and also had time to practise it over the weekend.

I had delivered my presentation quite well and had a quality product to present for the project. I was also quite pleased that I was able to delivered all the points that I wanted to cover in my presentation with the time limitation given.

I have found this project quite insightful and have learnt quite a bit over the past six weeks spent on the project with a pair of new skills also gained on the way of the project.

I am looking forward to a well-deserved break now.

Before we get back into semester two J



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