Week Five, Ninth Blog

It’s been an interesting couple of days of the week so far, were a lot of practical part of the process has kicked in gear.

Although it has been time consuming and a handful trying to complete the activities, and earlier during the week, the material for the jacket, I had placed a order for arrived, so I was able to start with the real materials.



I believe I might need some experts input along the way for some guidance, as I don’t have much experience in sewing.

As part of the next phase, part of the branding and packaging phase, which I looked at while waiting for the materials to be delivered,

I prototyped a hanger out of wood for the jacket. 


Over the long weekend my goal is to have the final product well under the way, as after the following week I need to focus on the communicate phase of the project and the presentation for the final piece. 


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