Week Four, Seventh Blog

The Monday morning conceptual presentation went quite quickly, and was able to convey the purpose of the product for urban cyclist. Through the use of a presentation and also prototypes, demonstrating the visual aspect. Image





I feel as if my next steps to moving forward in this project and the time I have sourced out for this assignment, I need to get hold of the materials I have attended to use for the jacket and start making and testing out the jacket ideation part, and get extra material so I’m able to make tonnes of prototypes and get a hold of the skill and technique required to boost that into a quality product, towards the final product.

The next couple of days I will get out and get a hold of the materials to use for the up coming week. I feel this part of the workload will be challenging but at the same time it could be fun and a great learning curve for me as a designer.

I’m feeling pumped about this aspect of the project and cant wait to get started on this practical part and get gear into this work! 



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