Week Three, Fifth Blog

As I had mentioned on my last blog, and using the next up coming days to focus on the development stage of the ideate phase, I have come towards the refinement aspect of developing my product and adding the finer details of my jacket for comitial cyclist.


As these conceptual ideas are developing I thought it was time to take these ideas, and apply the real materials towards the ideas and drawings and see how this aspect will become a usable product in the final prototype.

After the Mondays studio lesson, collecting a list of industrial distribution based on textiles, I set aside the following day too visit a few of textile places and was able to grab small samples of the material and look at the colours also available in that concept.


I also dropped into a local spotlight store and got some additional pieces of accessories that I might possibly use in terms of constructing the jacket on the prototype, which allows me to also practise on the sewing machine with that material sample I’ve collected. In the next following days in the studio.


I’m looking forwards this side of the project, were I get too start constructing the product, as this aspect id where the fun and practical part of the project begins, but slightly nervous about the idea of sewing as I’m not the most confident person on the sewing machine and I feel as if during the next day I will go purchase a pattern so I have a template to work with when I start producing the final garmen



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