Week Two, Fourth Blog



Over the past couple of days I’ve focused directly on conceptual ideas, and getting all those initial designs that have popped out during the investigate and generate phase of the design aspect, were also exploring a range of media to express these ideas.

It was a great lesson on Wednesday morning, where the small group of people that are focusing on the cycling aspect of the project, could have a discussion based on the information collected and also looking at the types of textiles that could be suitable as part of materials which can be usable as part of the clothing range. Also saw some interesting and inspiring books available in the fashion books with the types of trends in the later eras, which could be related towards the direction I’m heading towards in this project.

The goals leading towards the end of the week are to develop more detailed drawings of the conceptual ideas and also look at the materials available as part of the practical research need to making this final prototype to convey this model.Image


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