Week Two, Blog three

Finally the mid semester, two-weeks break is over, which was a great time to rest and also harvest out initial ideas for the new project based of cycling for the Avanti Company. It also gave me time to gather practical based research, were I was able to gain knowledge and a better understanding about the activity I will be designing around. 


For Mondays lesson, it was an almost initial deadline of reporting back to the peers, based on the pieces gathered over the two weeks, and what direction I would be leading towards.  The brief is strictly a focal point directing towards the product trying to be conveyed based on health, safety or well being for the ‘Get off the couch’ project.

Since I’m doing the Avanti urban cycling area, I’ve decided to focus on the clothing aspect for a design opportunity that needs to be addressed as part of a design development, which I had observed that was quite necessary. 

As from beginners observation I saw and also felt how uncomfortable it was to wear tight fitted clothes, especially if you’re out of shape, which must be a put off if cycling around public areas.

Also paying a visit down to one of the Avanti store, there wasn’t clearly a clothing range for casual or recreational cyclers.  Since they target along the pro cyclers, where this is quite discouraging for newly cyclers.

During the next couple of days and week, my main focus is to start on the ideate phase and also along side do research as part of the up coming practical side of prototyping concepts. 


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