WEEK 5, camping project!

The week started of quite slow, with a slight delay on our presentations on the Monday morning, but we managed to get through the presentations quite quickly of the 2-minute class pecha kucha presentations through Skype.

Personally I received great feedback from the team and my peers, some of the notes that I took aboard on my development stage of the key initial conceptual idea was, having the pre cooler piece, combining the sectioned food storage and the fact of having a detachable compartments for easy cleaning of food storage.

From the Monday morning session of feed back from the client, I decided to do some more developed drawings and communicate the aspect. Along with that I decided to explore the possible materials that would be ideal to use for the communicate prototype phase leading from the conceptual ideas.

I spent quite a bit of time on documenting my portfolio pages based on the ideate phase of the design process. During the week I got around sewing the internal part of the cooler bag where I had to dye two bags of cotton buds to act like a gel substance in the real world. It took me almost two days to sew the gel pack together and feed the context.A lot of my time was wasted trying to figure out how to using the sewing machine, but I managed to get there towards the end.

Leading towards the end of the week I focused on packaging for the cooler bag itself, were I tried to incorporate the concept of having a packaging that doesn’t need to be packed or contented inside another bag. I tried to incorporate the three basic colours of the brand as apart of the packaging, where a clear part shows you directly into the product itself and is self-directed.

Lastly I ended of the week with a small photo shoot of the product and packaging were I could then spend some time incorporating it in my portfolio work and use it towards the presentation that’s on following week Wednesday. Which I need to start planning for, in the coming couple of days.




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