Week one, blog two.

Leading towards the start of the holidays I believe I’ve lost track on the cycling project and set towards a holiday mood, which I really need to out of and get cracking on this cycling assignment, though over the past day I’ve managed to get a interview from a cyclist but haven’t been able to do role playing myself as its taken awhile to approach a bike and the weather hasn’t been great over the past day to do the role playing phase. As I have never ridden on the road with a bike pre hand, so this should be a challenging experience.

My goals for the long weekend are to start on some portfolio work and also documenting the next part of the stage. Along side with managing theory work research work also contributing towards the time of the workload.

I’m hoping that next weeks a more productive week and not slacking of and sticking to the small goals set out for the day to complete.



Cycling project. WEEK ONE, BLOG ONE.


The first week to a start to a new project, where we had been given the brief on Friday, which allowed me to read the brief and explore the different, options available to me. From a general research I decided to visit the Avanti store in botany, as I was quite interested about the cycling concept as part of the design project of “Get off the couch”.

I believe this project has potential in soft and hard materials for a product to fit into there project range of Avanti, and also after surfing on the net, I thought that I would like to work towards a soft material garment aspect of the prototype.

I also started with doing some general research on the activity and also equipment available to the consumers, were I started to complete the ideate phase of the portfolio and come up with an interesting layout for my portfolio on InDesign. Were I could start documenting paper work throughout the design phases of the assignment. Which started of with brainstorm and rough notes on brown paper. Today after doing those small explorations, I decided to take a trip down to the viaduct and so some observations and take photos of cyclist. That inspired me come up with questions for the interviews perspective allowing me to gather more insights.

Over the next couple of days my goals are to get out on the field and do some role playing my self with the bikes on the road and also try interviewing bikers and gather useful insights.

WEEK 6 of the Kathmandu Camping Project

These six weeks camping project has come down to a conclusion, where I’ve handed a completed portfolio showing the six design phases of the product being documented. Also having the opportunity to present the concept in front of the client. Which I believe went quite well even though it was quite nervous racking in terms of the presenting in front of others. But I reckon I presented and communicated the idea with the use of a prototype model and along with visual perspective of a PowerPoint presentation used to abstract the details of the conceptual idea of the cooler bag aspect.Image 

I believe I had been quite well organised as part of time management for my presentation and had enough time management skills as part of the project set hours where working with two other work load classes. And the time table I had too work around due to other commitments.

Looking forward to what the next studio assignment had to bring to the table

WEEK 5, camping project!

The week started of quite slow, with a slight delay on our presentations on the Monday morning, but we managed to get through the presentations quite quickly of the 2-minute class pecha kucha presentations through Skype.

Personally I received great feedback from the team and my peers, some of the notes that I took aboard on my development stage of the key initial conceptual idea was, having the pre cooler piece, combining the sectioned food storage and the fact of having a detachable compartments for easy cleaning of food storage.

From the Monday morning session of feed back from the client, I decided to do some more developed drawings and communicate the aspect. Along with that I decided to explore the possible materials that would be ideal to use for the communicate prototype phase leading from the conceptual ideas.

I spent quite a bit of time on documenting my portfolio pages based on the ideate phase of the design process. During the week I got around sewing the internal part of the cooler bag where I had to dye two bags of cotton buds to act like a gel substance in the real world. It took me almost two days to sew the gel pack together and feed the context.A lot of my time was wasted trying to figure out how to using the sewing machine, but I managed to get there towards the end.

Leading towards the end of the week I focused on packaging for the cooler bag itself, were I tried to incorporate the concept of having a packaging that doesn’t need to be packed or contented inside another bag. I tried to incorporate the three basic colours of the brand as apart of the packaging, where a clear part shows you directly into the product itself and is self-directed.

Lastly I ended of the week with a small photo shoot of the product and packaging were I could then spend some time incorporating it in my portfolio work and use it towards the presentation that’s on following week Wednesday. Which I need to start planning for, in the coming couple of days.