WEEK 4, camping project

Most of the ideate week has been spent on the visual perspective of the phase, in terms of coming up with initial conceptual ideas that set along with the brief of cool food storage strongly focussing on the cooler bag as a product.

This was decided after using the idea-harvesting chart, were I was ale to visualise this different directions of storage at the start of the phase of developing conceptual ideas. Specify the need of the type of storage on camp.

I demonstrated that using drawings and models made of rough materials to portray the idea in three dimensions. After having a handful of ideas that were usable and functional as a product n also portrayed a clear message.

I used a technique called the matrix chart to evaluate the narrowed down to some conceptual ideas that I felt meet the criteria’s. Were this could help me chose the concepts to present on Monday morning to Sheena the head of design of Kathmandu.

The rest of the week was spent on the portfolio pages in terms of the ideate phase of the design process and some additional research on just the way I was able to keep the cooler bag cool during the camp duration.

Lastly think of a small PowerPoint presentation to communicate the conceptual ideas to Sheena and convey the initial ideas as a work in process and get a input for further development on the communicate aspect, on the following week of the project. 

I feel like this week we have had a limited time to complete these pieces of the stage, therefore everything’s been rushed and miss guided after splitting up from the group phase of the project.

I’m hoping from Mondays presentation we get direct feed back on the spot so were able to start on the practical position of the idea and get started on packaging by the end of the week of next week.



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