Kathmandu Project WEEK 3!

ImageThe third week of the studio of the project we had divided of towards a individual perspective of the project by narrowing down to what sort of storage was a interest each person in the group we firstly talked to Sheena from Kathmandu.

Where we were able to present our brief idea and the direction we were heading towards as a group umbrella aspect of sub group title.

This able to get feed back they’re through the Skype video call as a group.

Insights gathered from the section was the sorts of focus Kathmandu market as a company and communicate in terms of there products and consumers, which was helpful as we were getting into the ideate phase of the project, that allowed us to think of the conceptual drawings so we communicate one of the messages of the company aspect reflected towards the product. 

From that factor, I switched to editing my brief more specific and the direct I felt like I wanted to focus of food storage. Where I started on doing additional research on just cool food storage and also got a start on my portfolio, were I spent some tine coming up with a layout of my portfolio and the master page.

Before I did conceptual sketch’s I completed a lotus blossom chart to start generating ideas towards food storage.

I believe I’ve had a really slow start in terms of the generate phase of drawing and also generating 3D conceptual ideas that I’m trying to communicate visually.

I hope I plan out my week more carefully next week and get into depth into the ideate phase of the process. 


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