Kathmandu Project (Week 1)


The first week of Core Studio class has come to a wrap. The first week was all about initiating and getting started of with the assignment with a start of gathering basic knowledge and information to help towards a successful outcome. As part of the knowledge gathering was to experience camping first hand with a small group to work with as part of the group research phase of the first three-week aspect of the portfolio work.

Overall camping was a really fun and interesting experience for the whole group, this gave the class and also the small studio group to collaborate as a team and also set those group guiding principal and timetable for each individual in the group. The camping experience was insightful which will help us later to complete the project.

I feel that my group team members can collaborate quite well if we don’t get side tracked, and have the equal amount of in put of the project. Which will allow this team to operate as a successful group project without an issue.

This week the goal was to complete all the paper work if initiate phase, so the group work isn’t falling behind on the portfolio and decide on the portfolio layout. So far we have been successful on the part of the project and have worked quite week to complete the aspect of the assignment.

I feel that we are ready to start the second phase of the project next week. With a great start of going to camp. 


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