WEEK 4, camping project

Most of the ideate week has been spent on the visual perspective of the phase, in terms of coming up with initial conceptual ideas that set along with the brief of cool food storage strongly focussing on the cooler bag as a product.

This was decided after using the idea-harvesting chart, were I was ale to visualise this different directions of storage at the start of the phase of developing conceptual ideas. Specify the need of the type of storage on camp.

I demonstrated that using drawings and models made of rough materials to portray the idea in three dimensions. After having a handful of ideas that were usable and functional as a product n also portrayed a clear message.

I used a technique called the matrix chart to evaluate the narrowed down to some conceptual ideas that I felt meet the criteria’s. Were this could help me chose the concepts to present on Monday morning to Sheena the head of design of Kathmandu.

The rest of the week was spent on the portfolio pages in terms of the ideate phase of the design process and some additional research on just the way I was able to keep the cooler bag cool during the camp duration.

Lastly think of a small PowerPoint presentation to communicate the conceptual ideas to Sheena and convey the initial ideas as a work in process and get a input for further development on the communicate aspect, on the following week of the project. 

I feel like this week we have had a limited time to complete these pieces of the stage, therefore everything’s been rushed and miss guided after splitting up from the group phase of the project.

I’m hoping from Mondays presentation we get direct feed back on the spot so were able to start on the practical position of the idea and get started on packaging by the end of the week of next week.



Kathmandu Project WEEK 3!

ImageThe third week of the studio of the project we had divided of towards a individual perspective of the project by narrowing down to what sort of storage was a interest each person in the group we firstly talked to Sheena from Kathmandu.

Where we were able to present our brief idea and the direction we were heading towards as a group umbrella aspect of sub group title.

This able to get feed back they’re through the Skype video call as a group.

Insights gathered from the section was the sorts of focus Kathmandu market as a company and communicate in terms of there products and consumers, which was helpful as we were getting into the ideate phase of the project, that allowed us to think of the conceptual drawings so we communicate one of the messages of the company aspect reflected towards the product. 

From that factor, I switched to editing my brief more specific and the direct I felt like I wanted to focus of food storage. Where I started on doing additional research on just cool food storage and also got a start on my portfolio, were I spent some tine coming up with a layout of my portfolio and the master page.

Before I did conceptual sketch’s I completed a lotus blossom chart to start generating ideas towards food storage.

I believe I’ve had a really slow start in terms of the generate phase of drawing and also generating 3D conceptual ideas that I’m trying to communicate visually.

I hope I plan out my week more carefully next week and get into depth into the ideate phase of the process. 

WEEK TWO, (Kathmandu camping project)

This second week of the project so far has been stressful, as this is our last opportunity in terms of doing group work for the first three phases of the design process.

Monday morning will be the presentation, as the last aspect towards the contribution of group work.

It was a great help that one of the group team members took initiative and made a Facebook group page, were we could all post ideas and research on the page and get every team members in put straight forward and immediately.

Some thing that I believe was a simple and easy decision to make was narrowing down to the type of storage of direction we wanted to work towards in terms of storage ideas. I saw this as an opportunity since this field was such a broad field to approach at the start.

And I’m quite happy with the continence of food storage as a design statement for Kathmandu. Were this company could truly focus more towards and a great simple but effective solution that cant be solved with some creative ideas for campers.

Overall as a group if I had to comment on some thing would be the time skill, in terms of showing up late to the teams meetings is a huge key issue and lack from the team members, this week.

So far at the moment I’m not too confident about the portfolio layout, as I feel like were still uncertain about the standard body pages or colour scheme.

Even though we haven’t completed all the draft paper work and typed it up and published it on the Facebook group to read and make refinements, it still hasn’t ended up on the portfolio set up as a hand in material.

So therefore as a group we have decided to come together on Sunday afternoon to double check the finished portfolio and combine it as a final PDF file before hand in the next morning and also gives everyone a chance to look at the final portfolio as a group, which meant for me to organise a day off from work during the weekend or swap shifts.

Some thing that effected group working during the week was, not having access to my laptop for half the day, as it was installing windows and solid works.

Which I felt was inconvenient in this case. But with in that time frame, I was able too do some field research and look at existing products in the stores that are available to the consumers in the market and also look at other competitors, with what they had available.

With the time we had to complete the phases, we had thought of splitting the group into peers and locating some tasks but also working as a team for some parts of the work, so we where able to complete twice the work in the amount of time available as a group that was allocated on the days.

Also the group had collected a great number of interviews to give a good insight towards camping from regular campers.


Well overall I’m looking forward to the presentations on Monday morning to Sheena on Skype and getting started on the ideate phase in terms of food storage. 

Kathmandu Project (Week 1)


The first week of Core Studio class has come to a wrap. The first week was all about initiating and getting started of with the assignment with a start of gathering basic knowledge and information to help towards a successful outcome. As part of the knowledge gathering was to experience camping first hand with a small group to work with as part of the group research phase of the first three-week aspect of the portfolio work.

Overall camping was a really fun and interesting experience for the whole group, this gave the class and also the small studio group to collaborate as a team and also set those group guiding principal and timetable for each individual in the group. The camping experience was insightful which will help us later to complete the project.

I feel that my group team members can collaborate quite well if we don’t get side tracked, and have the equal amount of in put of the project. Which will allow this team to operate as a successful group project without an issue.

This week the goal was to complete all the paper work if initiate phase, so the group work isn’t falling behind on the portfolio and decide on the portfolio layout. So far we have been successful on the part of the project and have worked quite week to complete the aspect of the assignment.

I feel that we are ready to start the second phase of the project next week. With a great start of going to camp.