Final Reflection Blog of the Reuse project


Finally the day had arrived towards hand in date, for the reuse project were I can leave this assignment at university and enjoy the hot long summer holiday.

A point that I had mentioned on my last blog of in week 6 was to revise over for my presentation over the weekend after work, but it had totally lost my sight that it was Diwali (Festival of lights) and new years for me this weekend.

Which meant I was occupied with family and friends celebrating the festival.


I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t able to spend as much time practising, that I had initially planned out. But since I have an hours bus ride to university in the mornings, I was able to go practise a couple times over the bullet point notes I had put down during the end of week 6.


Entering the studio this morning I felt nervous thinking about the public speaking thought, but quickly got over that. During the start of the presentations some time was spent cleaning the studio space, which was extremely needed in the workspace studio.


Overall I felt I started out strongly on my presentation, and was able to cover all the points I had placed on the paper. I believe I spoke in a clear and loud voice, and received a good response from the audience, which I was pleased about.


If I had to redo my presentation I would of possibly use a power point with images, since during the process I did use photos over every stage as a visual reference.


In general the studio assignment of semester two, has been a fully learning experience, towards industrial design and have gathered tonnes of knowledge and learnt new and inspiring perspectives of product design. 



WEEK 6, 12 blog

Staying a day home by myself on the Thursday was really needed, gave me time to relax and get some planning done for presentation on Monday morning.

Were I went back to reflect on Wednesday morning presentation, of black board. It took awhile to plan out the points I want to deliver on the presentation to convey my product, for fills the needs of the opportunity statement presented on the portfolio from the brief.

During the last weekend I will spend time practising for my presentation, since I’m a bit nervous, with the fact of getting in front of my peers and speaking, but surely that will be fine as soon as I get up there and start speaking.

Here’s a picture of the planning process on my visual diary:


An activity that took place on the lesson was to sort out the manufacturing cost of the product, in terms the sort of services used in the process phrase of the product. For example laser cutting in the workshop.

Over the entire retail price my designer piece stool would cost, $510.

Well just a couple days left of this project will be to an end