WEEK 6, 11th BLOG

Less than a week left till this semester two is over, and this time next week I shall be on my summer break. I cannot wait; also with HCD assignment completed and handed in on the Monday. Having work over the long weekend, I wasn’t able to do any studio work, except set up my file for the laser cut on the card for the packaging, which I was able to do in the morning. After trailing out my logo test pieces on the end of last week to test the file and size/ font. 



I haven’t been able to focus on my assignment lately, due to some personal things effecting my concentration on this assignment. I know I need to pull my stuff together and get this assignment completed and presented to the highest ability of mine on Monday morning.

At the moment I have decided to use Bubble wrap, as my internal part of the packaging, since I have wood on my base that has a high chance of getting detent when placing down on a hard surface.  And I have decided to cut out the wrapper behind the logo, as I want to use the negative space of the branding and incorporate the products detail its self. With out adding too much to the logo and incorporate too much of the product. Keeping it simple, for the packaging.

I’m confidant on the track I’m on with my planning and portfolio, and not to concerned about the aspect of the workload.

Goals of the week are presentation and also marketing prices of the product, which I think will be discussed over on the last lecture on the Wednesday morning. Feeling a bit nervous about the though of presentations on Monday morning, just have to be prepared. 


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