Studio project, week 11 Reflective thinking

Reflecting on the studio project in relation to core theory 

The last six-weeks assignment based on recyclable material, has been an interesting experiment. In terms of the way people consume products and discard them as rubbish at the end. This was an opportunity to explore and learn about the various materials used in the manufactured products, that end up as industrial and domestic waste.

As part of the project, it gave me an opportunity to learn an experience how much waste is thrown away, both by industries and households that can be recycled to make new and interesting products. During the project, I learnt about the various properties of different materials, through my own experiments and observations. It was easy to visualize and draw the concept of my design ideas, but trying to communicate the design from the materials available to me, was a steep learning curve.

The product I constructed is a stool, and the materials for the stool is from an electrical companies waste. I have used the ‘wrap it around its structure’ concept, and applied the form to my stool. The original form was a cable reel holder, but I have used old rope and wrapped it around the neck of the wooden cable reel.

The trip the VISY Recycling Centre, the biggest recycling plant in New Zealand, gave me a new perspective on how waste is collected and recycled. The various materials such as plastic, aluminium and glass is separated and then compressed, and packed to be sent to overseas destinations for further recycling.

We as product designers, could contribute to this process of recycling by reusing materials that are thrown away. Basically what I am trying to say is ‘One mans waste is another persons gold’.

The question is upon reflecting on the reuse project is, why are we doing this project and why does it matter?

I believe as designers it matters because it is important to contribute to society by helping reduce waste going to landfill. Also businesses can reduce its ecological footprint by passing on their industrial waste, which can be reused in other manufactured goods locally or internationally.

‘It increases the lifespan of investments and spares a business the cost of buying new products.’ This sort of contribution of donating old materials and products to schools and creative art centres, which benefits the community and avoids wasting good materials.

Going back to the studio project, the last weeks focus is towards the packaging and branding of the product. I believe from my experience of this project, it will give me a good insight into finding materials that are discarded to use as part of  packaging for my product. Consumers who purchase my product, will be pleased that the materials I have incopurated in my product have come from recyclable material.    

Over all during the experience of the reuse project, it has turned out to be a completely insightful adventure to my original thoughts of the process.

Were I could successfully say that reusing material can play a huge influence, towards the environment. Where designers could help design products as part of the recycling cycle, to contribute back to the environment



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