WEEK 5, 10th blog

All most close to labour weekend, which means no workshop time on Monday, which leaves us with four practical days next week. Till the due date! Ahhhh.

During the week, I finished with the vanishing of the stool, and allowed the stool to dry for a whole day outside, since the smell was spreading around the house from the garage. While that was happening I was on a hunt to collect rope by the marine area to wrap around the stool. To attach the rope to the wood, I used nail, as a cold method to tack the rope so it’s hidden and not exposed, the hardest part to attach the rope was to burn of the ends. 


On Wednesday mornings lecture, I was extremely tired, and I could feel the stress level rising in the studio, but some thing I found interesting were the images Clark took during his trip in Australia of the sculptural pieces in the garden he visited during this short trip. But basically this week all about concluding the design process focussed on ideate, evaluate and communicate.

After the lecture later on the day, my dad was able to drop the stool to the studio.  Were I could use the white screen and take images of the stool and also got one of the students to sit on it, giving a fair idea of the real dimensions and proportion on the image.It was useful to have a screen all set up on the third level by out studio as the photography studios on the 7th floor.

Being happy with the amount of images taken of the stool, I looked through the images we had initially taken at our visit to the apartment. Trying to find images that would be suitable to Photoshop the stool in the environment to communicate the final design. Which took some time, as the images were quite difficult to work with and adding the right amount of shadow. 




As part of the video blog, showing the design process of the product, I spent quite a lot of time on the video. Since I had no clue how to edit the video clips and also how to use the I-movie program. But finally I got my head around that, but my clips a but longer than 2mintues though. But here’s a small clip of my testing my own product out in the studio.


At this very moment I feel positive about the stage in at my portfolio, as I’ve been able to stick to my short term day goals, which has allowed me to catch up on were I needed to be on the portfolio part of the project.


Its time to start considering the branding for this assignment and also packaging. So far I’ve got a illustrator file ready with my branding, but need to test it out on some card on the laser cuter, which is my goal for Friday but knowing there’s going to be a queue on Friday and the following week, I hope I get at least three chances to use the machine. Because I want the scale and print finalized before I do the cut on my final packaging.


My aim for the last week of the project is to stay focuses and stick to my planning of the days remaining in order to complete the assignment on time. 



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