WEEK 6, ninth blog

Just two weeks left in the project, till the hand in date there is heaps that needs to be completed with in the time, there is no time to be wasted or take days off during the process, and aim for the small goals that have been listed on the planner for the day.

Week six started with a growl from Steve to get our acts together for the time we have remaining for the year, and also to get ride of all the unessential waste that is collected in the studio.

After lunch during the day I noticed there was a waste management bin across the road from the studio, so I got rid of my non-usable waste, but kept my beer crates since I would like to keep them in the shed at home.

During the lecture we had a guest speaker Jamie Mclellan, who is an award winning designer that AUT has a connection with and possibly works closely with. By giving students a chance over the summer break to gain work experience. His talk and work was inspiring and allowing myself to see were this degree could lead.

In terms of the studio work Practical, over the weekend I started to vanish the top and bottom part of the stool. Since those two wood areas are going to be exposed, with the shinny bolts that where retouched before the weekend last week.  Now I need the stool to be fully dried out so I can attach the rope around the middle of the stool to fill in the bit to bring it out.



Some drawing took place when trying to visualise the product more specified in colour contrast with the materials I am using.

Also a problem that I need to over come is the way I attach the rope with out showing too much of the nails and staples.


Over the weekend I was able to spend some time after work on portfolio work, that allowed me to change the master page and reorganise the portfolio in order and add pages, and keep track to the ideate phase of the assignment of design process.


As the reuse project is coming to a wrap, the other two class work due dates are getting closer and trying to juggle the workload is quite a handful to keep up with. On the other hand not being able to take time of work doesn’t help, as there’s only two weekends left in the stage, and the extra hours to work on the assignment would have been useful.

At the moment this week my goals are to complete the final product and do a final shoot of the stool and compress the video blog of the process taken to the final product. Even have my HCD assignment which is due on the following Monday. If I stay on top of my game, I would be able to start on the branding and packaging stage of the final product.


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