WEEK 4, Eightieth blog


Coming almost down to just two weeks left of the reuse project I’m feeling the pressure and heat as there’s tonnes of work that needs to be done in the upcoming week. With the workload from the other two classes, to be honest I’m FREAKING OUT!!!

The Wednesday morning was spent on planning out the time we have left till the due date of the project and what aspects of the assignment we need to focus on for the rest of the semester. I believe the way we started of the mid week morning lecture on taking my diary and planning out a timetable of where I want be at by what day allows me to push my self to meet my short term goals.

Where planning is essential for these couple of weeks to allow myself to get the things that are need in order to be successful in the assignment.


From the one on one talk with Clark, I think taking the wooden structure to its original form would bring back meaning to its original usage and form to the product. So the way I want to experiment with the structure would be to ‘wrap it up’, where wrapping around a structure would create a frame.





Hunting for rope, around the viaduct area was a mission. After walking for more than two hours and not ending up with any material was so disappointing. But during the weekend I will have to drive down to the marine area towards Buckland’s Beach area and have a look for boat ropes, fingers cross for a black one.

The plan of the rest of the week is to start preparing for the final product, which is leaning towards a stool. I also want to get rid of the rust on the bolts on the surface and bring them back to the sliver form to complement the wood. Also work on some more detail drawings to portray my final designs, which will allow me to explore more options. 


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