Week four, seventieth blog

Week fours all the start of the ideate phase of the material reuse project.

The aim for this week is focused on drawing up ideas in a visual form to communicate the visual process of the products. With an outcome of a product and a design for the apartment, well influenced by the attraction chosen for the opportunity statement. 

I spent some time forcing on drawing up concepts for a stool, during the lesson but was drawn back to the practical side by experimenting more with weaving with leather. Then decided to spend some  time on the bus to continue with drawing concepts and initial ideas in my visual diary while being out of the studio allowing myself too get inspired and open minded when communicating my thoughts on paper. 







Some thing that I was willing to test out a while back was trying to wrap aluminium cans to wood, with the colourful strips of metal in contrast to the colours didn’t exactly work out the way I had imagined it in my mind.

A solution that was solved easily was to flip the cans and cut them down to thin strips and leaving gaps allowed the metal and wood, natural industrial contrast.

Which can be taken further to be developed in to my initial thought of weaving but this time with the cans instead of leather.



At the end of week three I took the cable wooden wheel to the workshop to get rid of the nails and stamps out of the surface, which took quite a bit of time and needed assistance to cut the nails off. Sanding the wood didn’t require effort knowing the electric sanding was a useful tool. But at the end I did notice that the surfaces had quite a bit of dents, which could be fixed with a bit of filler to be dried over night. Since I don’t have a lecture this morning giving me time to spend some time in the workshop on some practical work. Since I’m up to date with the theory class assignment, which was completed over the weekend. To cut the two bigger faces down, allowing the construction to focus on the core of the cable wire. 


At this stage on my portfolio, I believe is at a draft copy, but I did manage to transfer the information and work produced form my visual diary on InDesign. But still need to decide on a font. Ill have to put aside a couple of hours a day and focus on a page or two, and also finalize them. 


I’m hoping but the end of the week ill be working on my product for the apartment and fully comfortable with my portfolio work. But also considering in mind that I have Core theory assignment and also human centred design. And I’ve lately noticed I’m getting side tracked very easily at the moment knowing the holidays are just around the corner, but NEED to keep force.  



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