WEEK THREE! Sixth Blog

The sixth formal class lesson of studio was insightful due to the hours worth tutorial given by Clark on Adobe InDesign programme. Where these simple sort cuts would be extremely handy when applying the aspect to the portfolio part of the assignment, as I am personally unfamiliar with the programme myself. I have gathered knowledge how to do the simple things to get me started as part of my portfolio. This will allow me to be a bit faster at the programme and easier to get my head around the programme.

 During the lesson I was able to finalize the opportunity statement, 

‘I see an opportunity to celebrate the Vulcan lane for a short period paying guest to Auckland university of Technology, who needs a relaxing atmosphere after a busy day of work because the apartment creates a life less characterless atmosphere’.

One of the activities during the lesson was to brainstorm possibilities of objects of the apartment.  I believe this was a simple but effective activity to do with a time limitation, which helped me to throw down quick initial ideas with out thinking about it too much. 


So from the brainstorm of object ideas, we were asked to group these pieces on an idea-harvesting table, which was a bit difficult to make choices on the spot, to where I individually place the objects on the table. 


The last activity done during the lesson was a lotus chart, based on one radical and in radical object. 


Currently my experimental stage of materials: 



I have taken a day out of the studio to allow my self to focus on paper work on Core Theory blog and also catch up on some studio portfolio work and upload pictures on the blog. On Friday I will spend the morning workshop hours on buffing the wooden wheel to bring it back to its original form of the state of the wood, as planned. 



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