Third Week, Fifth Blog!

The morning start to studio was kind of interesting as the peers in the class reported to what sort of experiments they had been trying out over the week of experimental stage, which was pretty impressive and also gave me inspiration to drive me forward, in the experimentation stage of the practical process in the reusable project.  

These are the few pieces I have been able to experiment with so far, 


As a task in the lesson we indivisibly looked at places we could associate our designs with, by doing a lotus blossom chart with sub categories of nature, manmade, personal, social, heritage and industrial pieces that can be linked to the 1km radius of the AUT apartments in Auckland city. This task made me think out of the square and look at maps online to see what sort of places are of their in Auckland city within that radius that could fall under those sub areas of the lotus blossom chart of attractions. 


Where I thought of three quick initial personas that will need to be expanded over to go in the portfolio to support of work.

These tasks that were asked to be completed during the lesson, which was quick and rapid and got me thinking on the spot and not over analysing the ideas and dwell over it. These small tasks lead from the personas and looking at the needs and insights of the users allowed me to make small opportunity statements.

This part of the aspect of the work is personally the difficult aspect of the generate process since its basically writing up a statement that the product create is strongly able to connect with.

So far a draft opportunity statement: I see an opportunity to celebrate the Iron bank for short period stayers who needs a relaxing atmosphere after a busy day od work because the apartment creates a dull room atmosphere.

So far my portfolio has a slow start with only a couple of pages on the way, but the rest in my notebook that needs to be typed up on the adobe InDesign programme. As I have been also occupied with other two class pieces of assignments at the same time. 

My goal for the next couples days is to catch up with portfolio work and also spend time experimenting more with the couple of materials I have narrowed downed to and try more various applied to the material. 


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