The way we look at consumerism as a wholly natural way of life that society has driven by conspicuous leisure, seen as the natural way of life. Consumerism has become the way we live every day as part of a culture dominated by the usage, from drinking, eating, leisure and beauty.

That consumption has become a part of contemporary society, that we manage to follow as a social status that is influenced by the trends of fashionable products, to have goods that you manage to keep or kept going till now. As noticed in the fashion industry trends keep repeating it’s self.  Where economy has been shaped by our culture.

 So why do we consume goods?

In contemporary society it flows through consumers mainly targeted at women, that has hugely impacted by the department stores and shopping malls, as a key stimulus for production in the economy. Where inducement for workers to work, has played a huge role in the social status and became a major source of aspiration and pleasure.  All of the roles have become a money-making industry for example the Coca Cola brand is associated with fun and family. The Coca Cola brand is associated with Christmas in the park.  The Coke Company spends millions of dollars in adverting their brand around the world. Hollywood film industry has a huge influence on interior decoration and clothing, which played an important source of inspiration for the various classes in the society. Generally where are naturally addicted to the source of consuming things to make life easy and simpler for us human needs.

For women this has been a beneficial change where households, which could afford appliances, was a form of saving labour and having more leisure time for shopping and getting ready. Where the idea of consuming goods is both natural and beneficial, which was established whereby women used their dress, their beauty products and their interiors to express their fashion awareness, which commented on their social standing in society. Which reflected their husband’s profile in the community.

This whole cycle is that every thing can be consumed, as a consumer or the world as one giant shop.  So with all this waste generated and the approach taken with the studio assignment based on reusable materials. This allows us as designers to make use of the waste that is generated through consumption of products. As this trend of consumerism has continued around the world with the increasing population, so where can we step in to reduce the state of consuming less waste, for example in packaging of products. 

Also the way packaging waste is being disposed in a massive volume, effecting landfill waste because of growing demand in consumable products. The effort being put into the household furnishing, personal ornaments and stimulants as part of the early consumerism stage that has expanded over the years.


Sparke, Penny, Jan 04, 2013, an introduction to design and culture: 1900 to the present Taylor and Francis, Hoboken, ISBN: 9781136474101

Notes referenced from the PowerPoint presented on the 01 October 2013. 


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