WEEk 2, Fourth Blog!

Well into the second with of the studio project, and I must say that I can feel the workload on my shoulder, especially also the weight of the other two-class work of Human centred design and core theory class. Where I need to start planning my days out equally for the class work required, I feel as if I need to take some time of work for a couple weeks to allow my full dedication on these class projects going on at the same time. 

On the Wednesday morning the visit to the VISY recycling centre on Onehunga, as a class. Where we able to see the recycling process that takes place when our bins get empty from out doorstep. Which is the biggest recycling plant we have in New Zealand of an Australian company. This trip to the centre was inspiring and also knowledge gathering.

Some interesting aspects gathered from the visit was that, Aluminium can be recycled forever.


Also the amount of materials sort by the German technological machines, that sorts them out and the speed level all this work is done at. I was pretty disappointed that we weren’t able to have a look at those machines in side the site, but over all was a great experience and learned and observed lots from the presentation and trip.

One of the biggest insights acknowledged from the visit was the amount of wasted produced each year and the amount that ends up on landfill, and also the process that is spend in recycling by exporting to places, such as china, India and Malaysia. The amount of energy consumed of shipping our recycled waste overseas to be process, since NZ hasn’t invested in the facilities. 

One of the interesting facts that amazed me was the way out plastic bottles we consume on a daily based is stared from a small tube. 



Here a small video that was taken on the trip and got to observe, where the trucks came in with the rubbish.


VISY recycling centres video.

Well tomorrow we have a guess speaker Juliet from Rekindle that Clark has organised for our class. Which I’m really excited about, since I’ve seen some of her work that are inspiring.

I really need to get a move on with my portfolio and also continue with experimenting with materials.


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