WEEK 2, third blog

The start of the second week of the project leading into the investigation phase, as fore the first week was more focused on gathering materials. Where over the weekend after taking photos of the materials gathered and with a background knowledge of the materials and there content of materials that are some sort of value. Also looking at there possibilities to do with there properties and what these materials are cable of doing. 

“Fall in love with the process, not with the end product”

Clark mentioned this quote in his morning presentation, which got me thinking and touched which lead towards the final product. Which gave me confidence of not being worried or being able to picture which direction the apartment product is heading. Because at the start of the first week of the project I was so caught up with thinking of what product and also thinking in a big scale as furniture’s to make for the apartment and from the morning presentation it finally got to me that its about the process and the detail that contributes to the products beauty. 

So far the Portfolio progress is extremely slow as I’m having difficulties with the adobe InDesign program, as I’m not familiar with the software. Where I’m also looking at tutorials on YouTube to guide me, which is a slow progress.

At the moment my layout had a simple symbol with a green strip running across the top like a bar. I’m still not happy with the layout; I need to spend more time hopefully over the weekend and experiment with more layouts and also typing out information that I have written in my visual diary.


I need to get back in the habit of using my purple planner from semester one, where I allocated my week and what day I will be able to do different sections of the assignment which allow me to stay on track and focus on this studio project, since I also need to juggle my other two classes of Human centred design and core theory assignments.Image

Video blog- I need to start up a YouTube account so I’m able to put them up as part of my blog since this week where starting with the experimentation/ practical stage.  And would like to record this as part of my blog and keep track towards the visual work documented and also the part of experiencing the record of life pieces happening as part of the practical process of the product and also knowledge gathering that will be taking tomorrow morning on the field trip at the VISY Recycling Centre. 

So far these two days of two week I’ve been able to categorize the materials in subgroups as part of there material that is most valuable as part of the about and material collected during the hunting process. Also cut materials up as samples and experiment with them, and burn some of the material.



Experiment, Weaving with hose pipe and card board.


My goals for the next couple of days are to keep experimenting and keep working by documenting on my portfolio. 


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