Design Process



WEEK 6, 11th BLOG

Less than a week left till this semester two is over, and this time next week I shall be on my summer break. I cannot wait; also with HCD assignment completed and handed in on the Monday. Having work over the long weekend, I wasn’t able to do any studio work, except set up my file for the laser cut on the card for the packaging, which I was able to do in the morning. After trailing out my logo test pieces on the end of last week to test the file and size/ font. 



I haven’t been able to focus on my assignment lately, due to some personal things effecting my concentration on this assignment. I know I need to pull my stuff together and get this assignment completed and presented to the highest ability of mine on Monday morning.

At the moment I have decided to use Bubble wrap, as my internal part of the packaging, since I have wood on my base that has a high chance of getting detent when placing down on a hard surface.  And I have decided to cut out the wrapper behind the logo, as I want to use the negative space of the branding and incorporate the products detail its self. With out adding too much to the logo and incorporate too much of the product. Keeping it simple, for the packaging.

I’m confidant on the track I’m on with my planning and portfolio, and not to concerned about the aspect of the workload.

Goals of the week are presentation and also marketing prices of the product, which I think will be discussed over on the last lecture on the Wednesday morning. Feeling a bit nervous about the though of presentations on Monday morning, just have to be prepared. 

Studio project, week 11 Reflective thinking

Reflecting on the studio project in relation to core theory 

The last six-weeks assignment based on recyclable material, has been an interesting experiment. In terms of the way people consume products and discard them as rubbish at the end. This was an opportunity to explore and learn about the various materials used in the manufactured products, that end up as industrial and domestic waste.

As part of the project, it gave me an opportunity to learn an experience how much waste is thrown away, both by industries and households that can be recycled to make new and interesting products. During the project, I learnt about the various properties of different materials, through my own experiments and observations. It was easy to visualize and draw the concept of my design ideas, but trying to communicate the design from the materials available to me, was a steep learning curve.

The product I constructed is a stool, and the materials for the stool is from an electrical companies waste. I have used the ‘wrap it around its structure’ concept, and applied the form to my stool. The original form was a cable reel holder, but I have used old rope and wrapped it around the neck of the wooden cable reel.

The trip the VISY Recycling Centre, the biggest recycling plant in New Zealand, gave me a new perspective on how waste is collected and recycled. The various materials such as plastic, aluminium and glass is separated and then compressed, and packed to be sent to overseas destinations for further recycling.

We as product designers, could contribute to this process of recycling by reusing materials that are thrown away. Basically what I am trying to say is ‘One mans waste is another persons gold’.

The question is upon reflecting on the reuse project is, why are we doing this project and why does it matter?

I believe as designers it matters because it is important to contribute to society by helping reduce waste going to landfill. Also businesses can reduce its ecological footprint by passing on their industrial waste, which can be reused in other manufactured goods locally or internationally.

‘It increases the lifespan of investments and spares a business the cost of buying new products.’ This sort of contribution of donating old materials and products to schools and creative art centres, which benefits the community and avoids wasting good materials.

Going back to the studio project, the last weeks focus is towards the packaging and branding of the product. I believe from my experience of this project, it will give me a good insight into finding materials that are discarded to use as part of  packaging for my product. Consumers who purchase my product, will be pleased that the materials I have incopurated in my product have come from recyclable material.    

Over all during the experience of the reuse project, it has turned out to be a completely insightful adventure to my original thoughts of the process.

Were I could successfully say that reusing material can play a huge influence, towards the environment. Where designers could help design products as part of the recycling cycle, to contribute back to the environment


WEEK 5, 10th blog

All most close to labour weekend, which means no workshop time on Monday, which leaves us with four practical days next week. Till the due date! Ahhhh.

During the week, I finished with the vanishing of the stool, and allowed the stool to dry for a whole day outside, since the smell was spreading around the house from the garage. While that was happening I was on a hunt to collect rope by the marine area to wrap around the stool. To attach the rope to the wood, I used nail, as a cold method to tack the rope so it’s hidden and not exposed, the hardest part to attach the rope was to burn of the ends. 


On Wednesday mornings lecture, I was extremely tired, and I could feel the stress level rising in the studio, but some thing I found interesting were the images Clark took during his trip in Australia of the sculptural pieces in the garden he visited during this short trip. But basically this week all about concluding the design process focussed on ideate, evaluate and communicate.

After the lecture later on the day, my dad was able to drop the stool to the studio.  Were I could use the white screen and take images of the stool and also got one of the students to sit on it, giving a fair idea of the real dimensions and proportion on the image.It was useful to have a screen all set up on the third level by out studio as the photography studios on the 7th floor.

Being happy with the amount of images taken of the stool, I looked through the images we had initially taken at our visit to the apartment. Trying to find images that would be suitable to Photoshop the stool in the environment to communicate the final design. Which took some time, as the images were quite difficult to work with and adding the right amount of shadow. 




As part of the video blog, showing the design process of the product, I spent quite a lot of time on the video. Since I had no clue how to edit the video clips and also how to use the I-movie program. But finally I got my head around that, but my clips a but longer than 2mintues though. But here’s a small clip of my testing my own product out in the studio.

At this very moment I feel positive about the stage in at my portfolio, as I’ve been able to stick to my short term day goals, which has allowed me to catch up on were I needed to be on the portfolio part of the project.


Its time to start considering the branding for this assignment and also packaging. So far I’ve got a illustrator file ready with my branding, but need to test it out on some card on the laser cuter, which is my goal for Friday but knowing there’s going to be a queue on Friday and the following week, I hope I get at least three chances to use the machine. Because I want the scale and print finalized before I do the cut on my final packaging.


My aim for the last week of the project is to stay focuses and stick to my planning of the days remaining in order to complete the assignment on time. 


WEEK 6, ninth blog

Just two weeks left in the project, till the hand in date there is heaps that needs to be completed with in the time, there is no time to be wasted or take days off during the process, and aim for the small goals that have been listed on the planner for the day.

Week six started with a growl from Steve to get our acts together for the time we have remaining for the year, and also to get ride of all the unessential waste that is collected in the studio.

After lunch during the day I noticed there was a waste management bin across the road from the studio, so I got rid of my non-usable waste, but kept my beer crates since I would like to keep them in the shed at home.

During the lecture we had a guest speaker Jamie Mclellan, who is an award winning designer that AUT has a connection with and possibly works closely with. By giving students a chance over the summer break to gain work experience. His talk and work was inspiring and allowing myself to see were this degree could lead.

In terms of the studio work Practical, over the weekend I started to vanish the top and bottom part of the stool. Since those two wood areas are going to be exposed, with the shinny bolts that where retouched before the weekend last week.  Now I need the stool to be fully dried out so I can attach the rope around the middle of the stool to fill in the bit to bring it out.



Some drawing took place when trying to visualise the product more specified in colour contrast with the materials I am using.

Also a problem that I need to over come is the way I attach the rope with out showing too much of the nails and staples.


Over the weekend I was able to spend some time after work on portfolio work, that allowed me to change the master page and reorganise the portfolio in order and add pages, and keep track to the ideate phase of the assignment of design process.


As the reuse project is coming to a wrap, the other two class work due dates are getting closer and trying to juggle the workload is quite a handful to keep up with. On the other hand not being able to take time of work doesn’t help, as there’s only two weekends left in the stage, and the extra hours to work on the assignment would have been useful.

At the moment this week my goals are to complete the final product and do a final shoot of the stool and compress the video blog of the process taken to the final product. Even have my HCD assignment which is due on the following Monday. If I stay on top of my game, I would be able to start on the branding and packaging stage of the final product.

Reuse week 10 Critical Thinking

Why is it important for companies to manufacture environmentally friendly products?

It is important for companies to manufacture environmentally friendly products and be good corporate citizens. The reasons are, it would be good for the environment. It would also reduce landfills if companies could use recycled materials. Companies using recycled materials can enhance their branding and also promote their ideas through marketing. Consumers who are conscious of the environment would rather purchase products that are safe for the environment. 

A classic example is a company called, Total Recall that plays a small role towards reusing material, that wanted to create something that made a difference. As Rick Hennessey and Brad Hole “would receive a ton of custom printed, vinyl three ring binders that would be replaced every year with another new binder. No one knows what to do with an old three ring binder,” Hole said, its great if you can reuse it, but what happens when the cover tears or the ring bends? You end up having to toss the entire product.”

As a result the company, around four years ago developed the ring binder that features a removable cover made of recyclable, recycled corrugated cardboard.

As companies make the decision to work towards environmentally friendly manufacturing process, to change practices. Later on, the first aspect would be to look for environmentally friendly materials, were a unique part of the country have several sources to chose from, for example the purchase of corrugated cardboard locally, instead of shipping a higher recycled content material or lower priced material across the country. Since the fuel and energy it takes to ship is far sourced locally.

This is an opportunity to introduce the concept of using biodegradable household products that plays an important part in helping protect the environment. For example a couple of years ago cotton bags where introduced to replace plastic bags when purchasing goods at supermarkets. Another example is the usage of solar energy and wind power energy to reduce carbon emissions. 

So in relation to the reuse project, this links with looking at materials from a different perspective, where as designers we can see the potential in using industrial waste.

In our project we tested several materials to see if it had potential in using materials for our product development.

Reflecting back to the studio project, the resources we utilised, such as wood and aluminium cans, shows that waste can be reused effectively to produce beautiful works of art.

Overall in general some waste is unavoidable, no matter what companies recycle, there will always be bits and pieces to be discarded towards landfill. 

A quote that stood out to me during the process of the project was,

“One mans rubbish is another mans gold”


Raha Maria, 2007, Reuse-it, Business forms, labels and systems, volume 45. 

WEEK 4, Eightieth blog


Coming almost down to just two weeks left of the reuse project I’m feeling the pressure and heat as there’s tonnes of work that needs to be done in the upcoming week. With the workload from the other two classes, to be honest I’m FREAKING OUT!!!

The Wednesday morning was spent on planning out the time we have left till the due date of the project and what aspects of the assignment we need to focus on for the rest of the semester. I believe the way we started of the mid week morning lecture on taking my diary and planning out a timetable of where I want be at by what day allows me to push my self to meet my short term goals.

Where planning is essential for these couple of weeks to allow myself to get the things that are need in order to be successful in the assignment.


From the one on one talk with Clark, I think taking the wooden structure to its original form would bring back meaning to its original usage and form to the product. So the way I want to experiment with the structure would be to ‘wrap it up’, where wrapping around a structure would create a frame.





Hunting for rope, around the viaduct area was a mission. After walking for more than two hours and not ending up with any material was so disappointing. But during the weekend I will have to drive down to the marine area towards Buckland’s Beach area and have a look for boat ropes, fingers cross for a black one.

The plan of the rest of the week is to start preparing for the final product, which is leaning towards a stool. I also want to get rid of the rust on the bolts on the surface and bring them back to the sliver form to complement the wood. Also work on some more detail drawings to portray my final designs, which will allow me to explore more options.