Week One, Second Blog.

On the 25th of September we where able to visit the vice chancellor’s apartment to come and have a site of the location we are too design a product for. This was the only day we where able to visit the site, there for I needed to take as many photos and videos to support my documentation of research of the location. As we took notice of the apartment with the class, we started coming up with possibilities of products that could be placed in the apartment.


My observations of the apartment is that there are needless opportunity to explore and come up with a product, but the most common one is to create a furniture for the apartment. As most of the pieces furnishings displayed in the apartment are simple and bland furniture’s, of simple, tables and chairs displayed in a standard hotel room. My goal would be too interact a creative and unique piece to fit in the apartment that would also complement the area and 

Inside the apartments, 




The second part of the brief is to communicate Auckland city’s surroundings attractions with in the 1km radius of the apartment or AUT campus that will complement our product. So I decided to do a brainstorm and also look online to see what are Auckland cities attractions, which the product can be interpreted from. 


So Thursday was the day I had set out to go material hunting, I had already done some brainstorming of the possible items I was interested in and places I would possibly be able to gather scraps and of cuts. Since my father has a van and a day off work, it was covenant that I could use to go collect materials and places. 


Places that we visited where, Manuka, Manurewa, Takanini and East-Tamaki areas. To collect materials. I believe during the half day I spend gathering materials I have a decent amount of goods that I can work with in the studio and workshop.  During the night when I went to drop of all the materials took some time to unload as the front doors where inactive and therefore the back route had to be used, thanks to my dad and Justin that where able too give me hand with the plastic bins to fill up materials and take them to the studio.


The collection gathered today, I believe they are highly valuable and I see potential and can also visualise the ways I can use these to create a product.

Well that’s a wrap for the hunt of materials, tomorrow my plan of action is to start taking pictures of the materials and start separating them into piles and also do research on the materials and see what potential these equipment have, and the way I can possibly used these materials to the max. 



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