First day back to university of the second half of semester two started with studio work with Clark. We got introduced to the new brief based on designing and constructing an object for a central city apartment, which is specifically designed for the vice chancellors (vc) apartments at Gladstone on Symonds Street.

At the moment the initial goal is too trace and hunt down materials that are reusable for this project, there for I have tried looking at stuff I can use and where these materials while be able to get a hold of during the week so I am able too start experimenting with the materials in the work shop by the start of next week. As I need to condense the range of materials down to two as part of the product that is being designed for the apartment. Where we have been given a final products dimensions of 120cms. 


I’m still confused about the idea of identifying a unique and interesting central Auckland attraction. ? Hopefully during the week of the lectures I clarify that principal and also the site that we are designing a product for. 


I’m actually pretty excited about this assignment, as it’s a practical hands on work required and allowing explore different methods and properties of the materials that are reusable. Where my creativity is tested and creating a unique and elegant product, for the apartment. 

During the hunting stage of the materials, which is my goal for the week I need to also record the places where I got the materials, its properties, what the material consists, what it was used for and how might it be disposed.  Where the materials chosen have a value of beauty towards the product design built for the location. 

From the assignment constants are guidelines that will be framed around the product I construct, but I don’t wan this to become a huge problem of aspect towards the design stage of the product and the creativity part of the work. Well that’s a wrap for the first day of studio class and assignment, I can not wait to get a hold of the materials and start of the experimental stage and also researching how these materials have different sort of properties, one thing that should be a challenge as part of the blogging aspect is the video blog, that’s something different be exciting at the same time as a way of recording my learning as part of the project experience. 

Assumption Mapping, Image



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